Business Management

Doing the right thing right

Optimise current operations while also securing new revenue streams

To secure continuous profit over time, any business needs to work on both maintaining efficiency and stability and on constantly adapting to new business conditions by driving innovation.
Codo provides strategies, practices, and tools to improve the efficiency and robustness of your current business as well as for growing new businesses and revenue streams.

Optimise current operations

Enable continuous improvements and avoid costly dysfunctional processes.

Codo guides our clients through calibrating established businesses for optimum efficiency on all levels of the governance chain. Only with the steps below will you attain a robust governance model that gives you the visibility to constantly keep your operations at an optimum level of flow and resource efficiency and minimise the risk of costly failures.

Pro-actively mitigate sub-optimal operation and costly stand-stills by being one step ahead in understanding your process weaknesses and how it can be improved

Steps to Excellence in Operations:

  1. Clarify strategic direction
  2. Map processes and resources
  3. Optimise your human resources and systems to support your process

The benefits of having a clear governance model from top to bottom are many. The consequences of not having this control are a high risk of waste and process failure without knowing the causes:

Build new revenue streams

Discover and exploit new business opportunities and avoid getting disrupted

Don’t leave the future of your business to chance. Having a strategy, process, and the right capabilities for innovation is an absolute necessity in today’s business environment, no matter what industry you are in. A track record of good profit means nothing for your resilience to the uncertainty and volatility of digitalisation, new customer behaviours, and fast-moving global megatrends.

Steps to New Revenue:

  1. Global Awareness: Establish practices for understanding global trends and how they affect your business environment
  2. Establish channels and practices for customer and user research
  3. Generate insights to inform strategy, innovation, and operation
  4. Ideate, prototype, and test to find your next validated business opportunity
  5. Learn go-to-market strategies, corporate start-up incubation, and venture building
  6. Build a process for corporate innovation and/or corp. start-up incubation

The benefits of dedicated innovation management are plenty: