Previous Projects

Projects delivered under the leadership of Fredrik Pehrsson in previous organisations.

The projects presented below were delivered under the leadership of Fredrik Pehrsson prior to Codo Consultancy. Projects are always a team effort. All credit for the delivery of the ground-breaking projects presented below goes to all those amazing people who have been giving important contributions to making these projects successful. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to lead these teams to push the limits of what we know as future transport solutions.

Scania NXT Concept

A drivable EV/CAV technology demonstrator for optimised urban transport and mobility. Purpose/Challenge: Demonstrate the technical feasibility of a sustainable multi-modal solution for urban transport. Stakeholders/Customer: Scania Innovation Office (project management) / Scania CEO

My role: Head of Scania Innovation Office.

Outcomes: Successfully demonstrating the technical feasibility of creating a vehicle that offers a sustainable and more efficient transport of material and people

Work System Study of Autonomous Trucks in Mining

Within the Scania-Rio Tinto project of developing autonomous trucks for mining transport operation, a study was conducted on the man-machine system of the autonomous operation of autonomous trucks at the Rio Tinto Dampier Salt mine in NE Australia.
Deliveries: A Work System Study defining roles in the system and the design challenges with integrating the Scania Autonomous Transport System with Rio Tinto’s operation.
Approach: Facilitation of workshops and interviews with Rio Tinto managers and the Rio Tinto human factors team in Perth as well as Scania ATS developers to identify roles and interactions within the affected work system.

My role: Head of User Research & Ergonomics Design at Scania.

Eccentric Off-Peak

The Off-Peak project was trialling night-time deliveries to 6 McDonald’s restaurants in Stockholm’s city using a Scania plug-in hybrid truck and a geo-fencing system, the Scania Zone solution. Charging was done at one restaurant and the HAVI terminal located 30 km from the city centre.
The stakeholders the project were the Scania Innovation Office (project management), the Civitas Eccentric EU research program, the distributor Havi Logistics, The City of Stockholm, and McDonald’s
Purpose/Challenge: To demonstrate the flexible use of electrification to optimize energy use and noise.
The project proved that the transport time can be reduced by up to 40 % when delivering the night.

The project was coming to an end as I took over the management of the Scania Innovation Office but it represents well the system-level initiatives that the team was driving.

My role: Head of Scania Innovation Office.

Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

Co-development project together with Scania customer and wholesaler Asko developing and trialling fuel cell trucks for distribution. Project management by Scania Innovation Office.
Purpose: To demonstrate the use of fuel cells in trucks for distribution, especially in cold climates.

My role: Head of Scania Innovation Office.

Catenary Line E-Highway

Long-haul hybrid trucks electrified through pantograph. Purpose/Challenge: Demonstrate the use of overhead pantograph for powering long-haul trucks.
Stakeholders/Customer: Scania Innovation Office (project management), Siemens / German Government.
Outcomes: Successfully demonstrating the use of e-highways in the operation of long-haul trucks.

My role: Head of Scania Innovation Office.

Integrated Transport Systems / ITS

An extensive four-year multi-stakeholder project with multiple work packages.

Purpose/Challenge: To understand and create conditions for an integrated sustainable transport system in the city

Stakeholders/Customer: Scania Innovation Office (project management) + 17 stakeholders from government, industry, society, and academia incl. Stanford University

My role: Head of Scania Innovation Office.