Reaching your objectives

Get insights about technology and customers, manage projects for success, optimise current business to optimise profit, and establish innovation capabilities to avoid disruption and create new revenue streams.


A proven track record of turning decarbonisation strategies into projects on the road:

  • Battery electric
  • Hybrid
  • Fuel cell
  • Dual-fuel
  • Catenary lines


Human-machine systems with self-driving vehicles (CAV – Connected and Automated Vehicles) and systems for management and monitoring have the promise of revolutionising the efficiency and accessibility of transport and mobility.

Transport Systems

Through digital technologies and a system perspective on transport and mobility, system solutions, platforms, and digital solutions can be created for smarter and more accessible and efficient utilisation of integrated transport systems.

Strategy & Insight

Through our structured and well-proven approach, Codo delivers insights from the whole spectrum from global trends in tech, society, and user behaviours to trends specific to the future transport ACES technologies.
If required, insights can be further validated through an iterative design process of testing and observation.

Planning & Execution

Through a structured and well-proven approach, Codo provides services in the design and execution of strategies and projects. Regardless of the level of uncertainty your organisation faces, Codo has an approach to minimising risk and maximising the return on investment.

Procurement & Project Support

Supporting procurement of systems for electrical vehicle operation through technical expertise and direct communication with OEMs and other suppliers and assessing their capabilities to deliver on specified technical requirements, risk profiles, and timeframes.

Expert Advisory

Codo provides expert advisory in emerging technologies, market trends, and future transport management:

  • Trend research, including emerging technologies in transport
  • Design Management and Design Thinking practices
  • Digitalisation
  • Business partnerships
  • Setting up your business for better insights
  • Continuous improvements, read more here
  • Innovation Management, read more here
  • Process Optimisation, read more here

Project Management

Codo provides services related to project management, such as:

  • Project Management – from requirement specification to delivery
  • Stakeholder Management and establishment of Partnerships
  • Negotiations, MOUs, EOIs, and Framework Agreements
  • Securing Government Funding and Venture Capital

Business Management

Codo helps businesses optimise their current operations as well as secure new revenue streams.

To secure continuous profit over time, any business needs to work on both maintaining efficiency and stability and on constantly adapting to new business conditions by driving innovation.
Codo provides strategies, practices, and tools to improve the efficiency and robustness of your current business as well as for growing new businesses and revenue streams. Read more here